Wolfgang Hastert : Bio

Wolfgang Hastert, called Wolf by his peers, is an award-winning documentary/ experimental filmmaker and media artist. He has been working with the European arts channel arte as an independent author, director, producer, and cinematographer. His films on American artists, photographers, and pop & cyber culture have been presented in festivals and museums world-wide.

Wolfgang made films about "anonymous" director James Bidgood and his cult film Pink Narcissus. He traveled through the Appalachian mountains for the experimental documentary The Pictureman. Hastert's seminal internet-music-docu-drama Click Me:) and his short experimental films Cybervixen, Russian Brides, and Tom Is Your Friend all deal with the online dating world as they depict a new frontier generation of "love searchers" in cyberspace.

Using experimental approaches with low and high -resolution film and video cameras, and hand-developing techniques for 35mm movie film, Wolfgang works on the intersection of the moving and the still image. Hastert has been teaching courses related to digital media, film & TV production, and photography at the University of California in San Diego, and at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

Currently, Wolfgang is working on The Sandcastle, an experi- mental documentary entirely shot on hand-processed 35mm B/W movie film.

His productions Naturalized, Willi, and Wolf Kino film are being shown in festivals. The artist's book, Days At Home, was featured as part of the conference On The Brink: Photography as Witness at the annual Society of Photographic Education-SPE/ West conference.

Wolfgang holds an MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts and a College Teaching Certificate from Duke University.



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